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Accusers Confront Steve Hickey After Fire Commissioner’s Board Meeting

A former secretary is now stepping forward and saying King County Fire Commissioner Steve Hickey installed locks for his very own fire district, even though his Meridian Build Group had its construction license suspended by the state. Some of his alleged victims also confronted him after Tuesday night's Fire Commissioner's board meeting in Ravensdale. So did I. Read More ›
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Protestors Demonstrate Against Squatter and Deadbeat Tenant Epidemic

This weekend, a coalition of angry mom & pop landlords rallied in Maple Valley to spotlight the squatter and deadbeat tenant epidemic in Washington. While many came out to blast embattled King County Fire Commissioner Steve Hickey for taking over Katrina Freitag's house, we also heard other related horror stories. Read More ›
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Exposing Steve Hickey: Part Two

Depending who you ask, King County Fire Commissioner Steve Hickey is a serial con artist or a faithful public servant moonlighting as an independent journalist. Either way, he's now facing numerous legal challenges and his entire reputation is on the line. In part two of our series, YouTube journalist Tyler Oliveira and I take a closer look at fresh allegations and Hickey's troubled past. Read More ›

Exposing Steve Hickey: White Collar Squatter?

King County Fire District Commissioner Steve Hickey is accused of squatting, fraud, and intimidation by a growing list of victims. Complicating matters, he's a well-known independent journalist with more than a million followers on TikTok and Instagram. YouTube's Tyler Oliveira and I recently confronted him and tried to get his side of the story. Read More ›
A homeless encampment on the side of a road
A homeless encampment on the side of a road

‘Housing First’ Caused the Homelessness Catastrophe

How did the United States end up in such a filthy state? Blame ideologically driven public policies, most particularly, “Housing First,” a fine-sounding—but ultimately dysfunction-inducing—approach that thwarts ending our homelessness catastrophe. Read More ›