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Wealth & Poverty Review Accusers Confront Steve Hickey After Fire Commissioner’s Board Meeting

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New Bombshell Allegations

A former secretary is now stepping forward and saying King County Fire Commissioner Steve Hickey installed locks for his very own fire district, even though his Meridian Build Group had its construction license suspended by the state. Some of his alleged victims also confronted him after Tuesday night’s Fire Commissioner’s board meeting in Ravensdale. So did I.

Accusations Against Hickey

Along with this latest allegation, Hickey is still accused of squatting, ripping off dozens of people in an elaborate construction hustle, and abusing his power as fire commissioner.

Board of Commissioners Votes to Bring in Third Party Investigator

Tuesday evening, the Board of Commissioners voted to bring in a third party investigator as more damning allegations pour in against embattled Commissioner Steve Hickey. The decision on Hickey’s fate as a volunteer firefighter will now be made on July 9.

Accusers Confront Hickey at Fire Commissioner’s Board Meeting

During Tuesday evening’s King County Fire District #47 board meeting, some of Steve Hickey’s clients in his alleged construction scam confronted him in person during public testimony. “Tell us where the money went!” -Chris Scottie, Hickey Accuser

Investigation with Tyler Oliveira

In part one of our investigation, YouTube reporter Tyler Oliveira and I confronted Hickey with squatting claims. He’s refusing to leave a house belonging to another woman, claiming it should be his.

Protests Against Hickey

The fallout has been swift for Hickey. A coalition of mom & pop landlords are vowing to protest until Hickey leaves the property. A summary judgement is expected on his squatting case at the end of June.

Hickey’s Crisis Management Tour

Hickey is now on a crisis management tour. He recently went on Brandi Kruse’s unDivided Podcast and proceeded to lie and make up stories about me. This dude doesn’t realize I keep receipts.

Mounting Evidence Against Hickey

Even with mounting evidence, Hickey wants you to believe that I made up all the concerning allegations at the fire agency. I’m starting to notice a pattern with him. He makes all kinds of wild claims with ZERO proof, then hopes no one calls him out.

Media Outlets Picking Up Story

More media outlets are looking into the Hickey allegations.

Seattle-area journalist accused of squatting, fraud, using fire dept. position to livestream incidents without knowledge of first responders | The Post Millennial |

Other Communities Taking Notice

Hickey’s tentacles reach far and wide into places like Lynnwood.

Fire commissioner takes leave after misuse of public office and squatting allegations surface – Lynnwood Times

Another Face of Squatting

Hickey has now become the face of squatting in Washington State. He underestimated Katrina Freitag and had no idea she would fight back.

Hickey’s Back Taxes

According to Washington State, Hickey also owes more than $14K in back taxes.

Jonathan Choe

Journalist and Senior Fellow, Center on Wealth and Poverty
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