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Mom & Pop Landlords Lead More Protests Against Deadbeat Tenants

Coalition of mom & pop landlords rallied again this weekend to bring attention to deadbeat tenants and squatters in WA. Whether it's Sang & Youjin Kim in Bellevue or King County Fire Commissioner Steve Hickey in Ravensdale, they plan on being out here until lawmakers wake up and fix the broken system. Read More ›
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Protestors Demonstrate Against Squatter and Deadbeat Tenant Epidemic

This weekend, a coalition of angry mom & pop landlords rallied in Maple Valley to spotlight the squatter and deadbeat tenant epidemic in Washington. While many came out to blast embattled King County Fire Commissioner Steve Hickey for taking over Katrina Freitag's house, we also heard other related horror stories. Read More ›
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Exposing Steve Hickey: Part Two

Depending who you ask, King County Fire Commissioner Steve Hickey is a serial con artist or a faithful public servant moonlighting as an independent journalist. Either way, he's now facing numerous legal challenges and his entire reputation is on the line. In part two of our series, YouTube journalist Tyler Oliveira and I take a closer look at fresh allegations and Hickey's troubled past. Read More ›

Exposing Steve Hickey: White Collar Squatter?

King County Fire District Commissioner Steve Hickey is accused of squatting, fraud, and intimidation by a growing list of victims. Complicating matters, he's a well-known independent journalist with more than a million followers on TikTok and Instagram. YouTube's Tyler Oliveira and I recently confronted him and tried to get his side of the story. Read More ›
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Housing First Is Right: Affordable Housing Matters

But here's where Housing First gets it wrong: Housing is not the one-size-fits-all solution for the entire homeless population. There are more tools in the toolbox we must make use of to properly address the crisis. Read More ›
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How Housing First Fails the Mentally Ill

The closing of mental institutions in the 20th century was meant to create better living conditions for the mentally ill. But it appears twenty-first century alternatives still regularly neglect the schizophrenic, bipolar, and other seriously ill members of the community. Read More ›