Violent Evictions and the Anarchists of Reddit

Last spring, a tenant named “Eucytus” fired at deputies while barricaded in the apartment and then died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Seattle detective David Easterly was critically injured by a gunshot wound during the incident. In a statement that feels grossly oversimplified, Housing Justice Project Attorney Edmund Witter said of the barricade-suicide-eviction, “Evictions for nonpayment of rent are preventable with more support and the right programs.” Read More ›
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Mom & Pop Landlords Lead More Protests Against Deadbeat Tenants

Coalition of mom & pop landlords rallied again this weekend to bring attention to deadbeat tenants and squatters in WA. Whether it's Sang & Youjin Kim in Bellevue or King County Fire Commissioner Steve Hickey in Ravensdale, they plan on being out here until lawmakers wake up and fix the broken system. Read More ›