Why Talent Trumps Taxes

Lower taxes and less regulation are great for business, but some are thriving in high-tax states like New York and California. On my new podcast, Ralph Benko explains the “Tamny Axiom”. Hint: there’s something more valuable in those states than low taxes. Read More ›

The Politics of Ruinous Compassion

Abstract: The City of Seattle has failed to address its current homelessness crisis. In fact, because of ideological capture and poor public policy, the city has created a system of perverse incentives that has only made the problem worse. In order to truly confront the problem of homelessness, the city’s leadership must embrace a policy of realism: dismantle the system of perverse incentives, quickly build emergency shelter, and enforce the law against public camping and drug use. Ultimately, the city currently has enough resources to solve the crisis—it needs to summon the political courage to make the right choices. Read More ›

Life Advice from George Gilder

George Gilder recently gave the commencement address for The King's College graduating class of 2014, offering them advice for a fruitful life as they enter the real world. Read More ›

Romney’s Bain Experience is a Plus

Scott S. Powell, a senior fellow of Discovery Institute, has an article in today's Investors Business Daily urging Mitt Romney to be more assertive about the value of his Bain experience. Read More ›

Scott Powell on the Looming Financial Crisis

Without serious fiscal reform that checks out-of-control government spending and encourages private-sector growth, Powell foresees another financial crisis--one that would be considerably more disastrous than that of 2008. Read More ›