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Wealth & Poverty Review George Gilder and the Scientific Foundations of the Gold Standard

Discovery Senior Fellow George Gilder’s recent monograph on gold and the economy, commissioned by the American Principles Project, continues to attract curiosity and praise, especially in light of the debt crises in places like Greece, China–and the USA one day. At Forbes, Ralph Benko praises Gilder’s monograph and traces the gold standard from its inception–crediting both Sir Isaac Newton and Nicolas Copernicus–to modern-day, writing that “Gilder reveals anew the gold standard’s deep scientific foundation.”

This week, George Gilder will keynote the Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley, followed by several talks at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, then the Money Show in San Francisco. There will be media following all of them. While at Freedom Fest, Gilder also will be involved with CSC Associate Director John West in showcasing West’s new short film The Biology of the Second Reich: Social Darwinism and the Origins of World War 1, available to watch for free on YouTube.