Free Enterprise

At Forbes, Sr. Fellow George Gilder Discusses Why “Gold Is The Money Of The Future”

Gilder argues that fluctuating currency values--as opposed to the gold standard--are a "relic, totally unfit for the modern world, rendered indefensible by cutting edge information theory, a major source of political and economic corruption, and one of our most significant barriers to progress." Read More ›
Bill Walton speaking at Hillsdale College

Watch: The Problem of Crony Capitalism

Speaking at a session of the Hillsdale College lecture series Money: History and Controversies, Discovery Institute Senior Fellow dissected "The Problem of Crony Capitalism Today," discussing how the rise of the regulatory state has brought about an increasingly cozy relationship between Washington and big business. Read More ›

George Gilder: Bitcoin & Gold

George Gilder explains what Bitcoin is, and how he became interested in the currency after studying gold. Now he’s working a book about bitcoin and how this new technology will change everything we know about money. Transcript We’re back at Freedom Fest and with me now is George Gilder. He’s the chairman of the George Gilder fund management he’s the author of wealth and poverty and his most recent knowledge and power George good to good to have you on our show great to be here now George I know you recently wrote an article on Forbes where you were saying how entrepreneurship is is key to having new innovations in America let’s talk a bout how Bitcoin fits into Read More ›


On Common Ground: The Morality of Capitalism

Listen in as Senior Fellows Bill Walton and Jay Richards discuss morality and the free market, and why capitalism isn’t all about greed, but actually cultivates a moral society.