Bill Walton speaking at Hillsdale College

Wealth & Poverty Review Watch: The Problem of Crony Capitalism

Speaking at a session of the Hillsdale College lecture series Money: History and Controversies, Discovery Institute Senior Fellow dissected “The Problem of Crony Capitalism Today,” discussing how the rise of the regulatory state has brought about an increasingly cozy relationship between Washington and big business.

Lobbying, Walton points out, has evolved from companies protecting themselves from such things as tax increases and regulations, to using the political process to help them become more profitable–the central problem being that the size and scope of the federal government is such that it’s impossible to know where business starts and government ends.

Watch Bill Walton’s talk on Youtube, and make sure to explore other sessions from the lecture series at the Hillsdale website.

Bill Walton

Senior Fellow, Center for Wealth and Poverty
Bill Walton is a Senior Fellow of the Center on Wealth and Poverty, and Vice President of the Council for National Policy. He is the chairman of Rappahannock Ventures, LLC (private equity) and Rush River Entertainment (feature film production), which he founded in 2010.