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Wealth & Poverty Review Biden and the Sixteen-Year Plan to Breakdown America

Originally published at Townhall

America’s current weak and precarious state happened not by chance, but by a plan — a sixteen-year plan that started with two terms of Barack Obama and an anticipated two-term presidency of Hillary Clinton.

Upon taking office, Obama first undertook an apology tour to Europe and the Middle East that was best described by Obama himself in his assertion that America should “lead from behind.” Over his two terms Obama undertook such policy initiatives as curbing fossil-fuel usage and production, imposing federal restrictions on hydraulic fracturing: rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline, and embracing the Paris Climate Accord. On the defense and foreign policy front, Obama cut military spending, purged 197 “America First” generals and admirals, attempted to close Guantanamo, strengthened the Muslim Brotherhood, and contributed to fomenting the Arab Spring in 2011 and the rise of ISIS. Before leaving office, Obama transferred $1.7 billion to Iran. Among his domestic policies, Obama sought to weaken and nullify the Second Amendment, attack and undermine law enforcement on racial grounds, and relax the U.S. southern border. 

It was expected that Hillary Clinton would follow Obama and complete the sixteen-year plan, which included closing U.S. military bases globally, revising the Constitution — notably replacing the electoral college with a popular vote system, banning the sale of firearms, and more media control and censoring alternative independent news. But it was not to be. 

When Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, the sixteen-year plan was interrupted. Trump wasted no time in reversing Obama’s policies in putting America First, securing the southern border, achieving oil and gas energy independence, spurring the economy through tax cuts and deregulation, strengthening the U.S. military, and rebuilding foreign alliances. 

Voting irregularities made Trump a one-term president. 

Biden was the ideal candidate for the globalist deep state operatives because of his cognitive decline and low energy, enabling them to get the 16-year plan back on track on steroids. No surprise that on Biden’s first day in office with a stack of executive orders, he reversed more than half of the Trump initiatives. What followed has been nothing short of a government against the American people.

President Biden’s State of the Union Address last week was shocking, laced with lies and vindictiveness directed at more than half the nation’s population — the likes of which no prior president ever delivered. So appalling was Biden’s State of the Union performance that Democrat operatives had no choice, but to remove and replace Joe Biden before the November elections. 

Disturbing as the past year’s Congressional hearings have been, they have awakened Americans about massive corruption in the Biden family and unconstitutional operations of the FBI and DHS and other elites in and beyond the Democrat Party. The sixteen-year plan presents a shocking reality that is hard to explain as anything other than a willful selling out of the American people for money and a globalist power transition. Normally, the State of the Union speech is an opportunity to highlight the successes of a president. Not so for Joe Biden, so it’s worth revisiting his administration’s major policy initiatives which are all a part of the now accelerated sixteen-year plan: 

  • Some 9-10 million migrants have entered the U.S. under Biden’s open border policies, resulting in huge costs to host cities and risks to those communities through which they pass and in which they settle. Also, a significant number of males of military age have come to the U.S. from China and other hostile countries. 
  • The assault on American national character by willful revision and destruction of U.S. history and historic monuments.
  • The willful stoking of social division from ever-expanding ethnic groups, classes, and genders, also manifests in the LGBTQ assault on the American family.
  • Removing God from the culture and subverting morality and family values that are rooted in and are an essential part of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.
  • Constant attack on the Constitutional basis of the American government.
  • The systematic attack on police and law enforcement and the promotion of a two-tiered justice system.
  • The willful demoralization of the U.S. military by critical race and diversity training programs that exacerbate class and race warfare within the ranks, and now are the chief cause of military recruiting shortfalls. 
  • The promotion of climate change that results in more dependence on China for lithium batteries and solar panels while also undermining the U.S. oil and gas industry, in which we have an economic comparative advantage relative to other countries.
  • The reckless and increasing deficit spending by government, which hastens the collapse of the U.S. currency and the U.S government debt market.
  • The manipulation and attack on the integrity of the U.S. elections, which demoralizes the American people and delegitimizes the U.S. government. 

In summary, as we actively prepare for national elections in November that should deliver a turning point and correctives to our current national predicament, we must also prepare to take on the powers and forces behind the sixteen-year plan, who are now more desperate than ever. The road ahead will be fraught with more deception, disruption, and violence than anything we have previously experienced. 

During upcoming turmoil, we are always on solid ground when we prayerfully adhere to and fight for the rule of law and the Constitution. The sword and shield of First Amendment rights cannot be canceled for they are God-given and protect freedom of thought and the competition of ideas and facts that root out falsehood and evil and illuminate the way forward. 

Scott S. Powell

Senior Fellow, Center on Wealth and Poverty
Scott Powell has enjoyed a career split between theory and practice with over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and rainmaker in several industries. He joins the Discovery Institute after having been a fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution for six years and serving as a managing partner at a consulting firm, RemingtonRand. His research and writing has resulted in over 250 published articles on economics, business and regulation. Scott Powell graduated from the University of Chicago with honors (B.A. and M.A.) and received his Ph.D. in political and economic theory from Boston University in 1987, writing his dissertation on the determinants of entrepreneurial activity and economic growth.