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Wealth & Poverty Review More Light Innovation

Originally published at Substack

The cost of a 1600 lumen LED lightbulb has recently dropped by 25 percent. The new bulb also offers a great innovation. The problem with LED bulbs is that they come in five different shades. Feit Electric’s new light solves this problem by putting a switch on each bulb that lets you pick your preferred shade level.

The energy to use this new lightbulb costs 17 percent more, or around 31 cents a year ($2.11 versus $1.80 based on 3 hours per day at 11 cents per kWh.) The new bulb will give you an hour of great light for less than 0.2 cents. Blue-collar workers are currently earning around $35 an hour in compensation (wages and benefits). One hour of work will buy them 18,421 hours of light. Work 1/5th of a second and you get one hour of light. Recall that in 1830 it took three hours of work to earn the money to buy on hour of light. 

LED bulbs have two advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs; dramatically lower energy costs and much longer life. With the new shade switch, innovation is creating even more abundance.

The next time you hit the light switch, thank the entrepreneurs and inventors and innovators who have defeated the darkness and made light astonishingly abundant.

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Gale Pooley

Senior Fellow, Center on Wealth & Poverty
Gale L. Pooley teaches U.S. economic history at Utah Tech University. He has taught economics and statistics at Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Alfaisal University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Brigham Young University-Idaho, Boise State University, and the College of Idaho. Dr. Pooley serves on the board of