Wealth & Poverty Review “Marxism at the Barricades:” A Wealth & Poverty Forum with Dr. Carlo Lancellotti

In the third installment of our Wealth & Poverty Forum, Christopher Rufo, the director of the Center on Wealth & Poverty, interviews Dr. Carlo Lancellotti. Dr. Lancellotti is a professor of mathematics at CUNY Staten Island and the foremost translator of 20th-century Italian political philosopher Augusto Del Noce, who wrote ”The Crisis of Modernity” and ”The Age of Secularization.”

During this forum, Dr. Lancellotti describes Augosto Del Noce’s philosophy, his critique of Marxism, and his philosophy’s relevance to the unrest dominating America’s cities. In their discussion, Christopher and Dr. Lancellotti discuss the modern breakdown of cultural institutions, the destruction of cultural identity, how we can conserve traditions in our modern societies, and what Augusto Del Noce would say about the current state of Western Civilization.

“According to Del Noce, Marxism is a deep contradiction, because in order to bring about the heaven on earth, in order to complete this complete iteration, one has to destroy something. One has to destroy all the “oppressive” structures, you have to destroy the family, you have to destroy the Church, you have to destroy the State, you have to destroy all the things that are the instruments of “exploitation.” – Dr. Carlo Lancellotti