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Wealth & Poverty Review Even after Trump Ordered an End, Federal Agencies Still Push Insane ‘Critical Race Theory’

Published in New York Post

President Trump is taking on the odious ideology known as critical race theory, or CRT. Kudos. But the right must prepare for a long war.

Following my investigative reporting (including in The Post) shedding light on taxpayer-funded hard-left brainwashing in federal agencies, the president issued an executive order to prohibit the US government from using CRT as part of personnel training. More recently, the White canceled a training at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that framed “racism as a public-health crisis” and blamed “systemic racism” for COVID-19’s disparate impacts.

These trainings, based on neo-Marxist notions, treat “whiteness” as a moral blight and malign all members of that racial group as complicit in oppression. Universities, corporations, churches and nonprofit organizations across the country have adopted them.

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Christopher Rufo

Former Director, Center on Wealth & Poverty
Christopher Rufo is former director of the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty. He has directed four documentaries for PBS, Netflix, and international television, including his latest film, America Lost, that tells the story of three "forgotten American cities.” Christopher is currently a contributing editor of City Journal, where he covers poverty, homelessness, addiction, crime, and other afflictions. Christopher is a magna cum laude graduate of Georgetown University, Claremont Institute Lincoln Fellow, and has appeared on NPR, CNN, ABC, CBS, HLN, and FOX News.