Wealth & Poverty Review Gilder Prophet Outside His Own Country

Francisco Maroquin University (UFM), located in Guatemala City, may be unique in the Spanish speaking world: a university that treasures ideas more than sponsors and that scorns the pretensions of the political correct competition in El Norte. Last week it awarded an honorary doctorate to Discovery Senior Fellow George Gilder in recognition of his many contributions to economics and social thought. Gilder, a Harvard graduate, gets no such notice at his alma mater where the current obsession of President Drew Faust seems to be climate change.
Not only did Maroquin salute Gilder–and bring almost all its students out to hear him in various venues–it also has named a center on technology and economics in his honor.
George, of course, is author most recently of Knowledge and Power, an information theory of economics. Gilder explains economics within the robust theme of anti-materialism that characterizes Discovery Institute.
He currently is writing a popularized version of Knowledge and Power for those not steeped in technology, math and physics and is well into a draft of a promising new treatise on the subject Bitcoin and Money.
A few days after his Maroquin sojourn Gilder was the well-received commencement speaker at Kings College in Manhattan, so at least some Yanquis appreciate him.
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