Wealth & Poverty Review April 29th at AEI: A Biblical Answer to Poverty

The question is central to Christian life–how can we best care for the poor among us? Many Christians, armed with good intentions and giving hearts, have advocated for expanded government programs to help “the least of these” with meager–and even harmful–outcomes. An upcoming event on Tuesday, April 29, hosted by the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC, will look at practical and effective ways to combat poverty. (Those of us that aren’t in the DC area can still watch the event live at AEI website.)
Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Jay Richards will be among the panelists taking part in this discussion on poverty, theology, and economics. The event celebrates the release of For the Least of These, a new book from the Institute for Faith, Works, and Economics that includes a chapter authored by Jay Richards. Attendees will receive a free copy.
For further details, see the event announcement at the AEI website.