Wealth & Poverty Review We Need Your Input: What Would You Ask George Gilder?

Here’s your chance to have George Gilder answer your questions about economics. Gilder’s writings on the subject have had influenced many prominent leaders over the years, including President Ronald Reagan and Congressman Paul Ryan, current Republican nominee for Vice President.
Thumbnail image for Wealth & Poverty cover.pngWe’re about to begin filming of an upcoming series of video shorts featuring the man himself responding to common questions about economics; think of it as Economics 101 with Professor Gilder.
And we’re asking for YOUR input. Tweet your question to @artofcapitalism by the end of the day tomorrow, Wednesday, September 12, and it may be picked for George to respond to in a video.
Also, be sure to pick up a copy of Gilder’s newly updated New York Times bestseller Wealth and Poverty, which includes a new foreword by Steve Forbes.