Wealth & Poverty Review WWFD? (What Would the Founders Do?)

That’s the question James Robison and I ask in the Washington Times. Contrary to the secularist account of the American Founding, they did not envision a naked public square:

The American Founders were a theologically diverse lot, but they shared several points of agreement, such as:

      • The church has a proper authority that the state must respect.
      • The federal government should neither establish nor prohibit the free exercise of religion.
      • Every person should enjoy religious liberty.
      • Religion is vital to the survival and prosperity of the American experiment.

Militant secularists present a distorted and simplistic view of the relationship between faith and politics. The fathers of our country were much more sophisticated. Americans, especially the next president, should work to restore the wisdom of the Founders and pray that freedom will survive in the 21st century.

Read the whole thing here.

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