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wheat farm hill with wind mill
wheat farm hill with wind mill

State’s Climate Act Isn’t Worth Price We’re Paying

Washington state’s 2021 Climate Commitment Act (CCA), although high-minded in spirit, will do nothing to protect the state’s economy and environment from the effects of climate change. But what the CCA is already doing is burdening state residents and businesses with higher energy costs. Read More ›

It’s Not About How Much You Spend, It’s About HOW You Spend It

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee just announced plans to spend an additional $800 million on homelessness in 2022, on top of the $2 billion approved by the State Legislature earlier this year to help alleviate homelessness. Money is needed to fix homelessness, but it must be money spent wisely. Read More ›
k9 unit road
police dog and a policeman with vintage effect on the street

Good Intentions Gone Wrong

If you have been following Washington State law recently, you are well aware of the police reform package that went into effect over a week ago and the recent legalization of drug possession. Giving the benefit of the doubt, these changes could be very well-intentioned on the part of legislatures and judges. Read More ›
Washington State Capitol Building
Olympia, Washington, USA - March 24, 2016: The Washington State Capitol or Legislative Building in Olympia is the home of the government of the state of Washington.

Washington State Officers Speak Out About New Law Reforms

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the Washington State legislature is paving that road quickly. Read More ›
skid row in los angeles, california
skid row in los angeles, california

The Invisible Asylum

The story of American deinstitutionalization has become familiar. In a long arc—from President Kennedy’s Community Mental Health Act of 1963 to the present—federal and state governments dismantled mental asylums and released the psychiatrically disturbed into the world. Read More ›