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Old American War Veterans Saluting Fallen Comrades' Graves.The concept for American Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Da
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Memorial Day: More than Honoring Lives Lost in American Wars

Most people rightly associate Memorial Day with paying homage to those who gave their lives for America in war. But the holiday has roots that go back to the aftermath of the Civil War. At that time America was as or more divided than it is today. The Civil War cost at least 620,000 men—a greater cost than all of America’s successive wars combined. Read More ›
Zimbabwe flag against orange sunset
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Zimbabwe’s Central Bank Starts Africa’s Path to a Gold Standard

This month, the Central Bank of Zimbabwe launched a new gold-based currency, the first gold-based currency from a government since Richard Nixon effectively ended the world gold standard system in 1971. As long as the Central Bank of Zimbabwe adheres to some important principles, and doesn't play politics, it should be fine. Read More ›