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What’s Being Done to Reduce Wealth Inequality in the US?

Wealth inequality has grown in recent years. There are nearly 1,000 billionaires in the U. S. and the wealthiest Americans have never been richer. In contrast, poor and working-class Americans have seen their incomes stagnate and fall. Discovery Fellow Nathan Lewis joined NPR to discuss what can be done to reduce wealth inequality in the United States. Read More ›

A New American Poverty

The new American poverty is not primarily an economic phenomenon – it has become a social, familial and psychological problem that reaches the very foundations of our social order. Read More ›
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Covid-19 Exposes the Roots of the Homeless Crisis in our Cities

“The coronavirus has started to reveal some long standing truths about homelessness, about addiction, and about mental illness,” explains Christopher Rufo director of Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty. “For the past decade, policy makers have largely avoided these questions, or, largely been in denial about the causes of homelessness.” Read More ›