Old Bible in library with magnifying glass
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Easter Is the World’s Most Historically Verified Holiday

While there are skeptics of the biblical Jesus, there's far more reliable historical evidence for His life, teachings, miracles, death, and resurrection than for other leading historical figures of ancient times, such as literary greats Virgil and Horace and military kings like Alexander the Great. Read More ›
Rome, Italy: The Roman Forum. Old Town of the city
Rome, Italy: The Roman Forum. Old Town of the city

Homelessness in Ancient Rome

Homelessness is nothing new. Two thousand years ago Roman historian Livy described a tugurium, a made-of-scraps lean-to like the ones I’ve seen homeless people construct on trash heaps in Guatemala City and Phnom Penh. British historian Peter Brunt’s summary is blunt: “Most of the inhabitants of Rome lived in appalling slums.’” Read More ›