Incandescent light bulb hangs in the dark room
Incandescent light bulb hangs in the dark room

Light Has Burst Forth in Astonishing Abundance

Since 1830 global light abundance has increased by 43,874,900 percent. Every one percent increase in population corresponded to a 79,773 percent increase in global light abundance. Read More ›
Candy store
Candy store

Life Has Gotten Sweeter – Literally!

Trade benefits humanity in a myriad of ways. It allows us to discover the true value of goods and services. It promotes cooperation by building trust between contracting parties. And, most obviously, it enables us to buy goods and services that we would not be able to produce ourselves. Read More ›

Revisiting the Simon-Ehrlich Wager 40 Years On

And so, as you listen to the purveyors of doom on the television and the radio, and read apocalyptic predictions of humanity’s future on Twitter and in the newspapers, bear in mind that with every hungry mouth comes a pair of hands and a brain capable of thought, planning, and innovation. Read More ›