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CRT: America’s Cultural Revolution

Americans have overcome many daunting challenges throughout their nation’s past, often waking up at the 11th hour before taking action and prevailing.  Protecting our citizens’ freedom and saving America as a beacon of freedom in the world should be our top priority.  Read More ›

Interview With Dmitriy Balkovskiy

Dmitriy Balkovskiy, a Russian businessman, published my first book Gold: The Once and Future Money (2007) in the Russian language. This worked well: Not long after, Russia’s largest television station, Channel One, sent a video crew to my house in Upstate New York to interview me for a big documentary on the world monetary system. Read More ›
Breakfast with bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast
Breakfast with bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast

Breakfast Bounty

When you enjoy breakfast tomorrow morning, take a moment to thank all those who have worked to make all of our breakfasts so bounteous. Read More ›
Hot fried bacon pieces in a cast iron skillet.top view
Hot fried bacon pieces in a cast iron skillet.top view

Bacon Innovation

Without human innovation, instead of $3.68 a pound, bacon would cost $39.66. or 978 percent more. The next time you have bacon for breakfast, take a moment to smell the innovation. Read More ›
Printing money  - 100 dollar bills
Printing money - 100 dollar bills

“Money Printing” in the 1960s

I was going to do something on the last years of Bretton Woods, involving William McChesney Martin at the Fed, and Presidents Johnson and Nixon. But, to do this properly would take some serious research, which I never got around to. (It would make a nice book.) So, today — the fiftieth anniversary of the official End of the Bretton Woods system on August 15, 1971 — we will instead take a step-by-step approach, piecing together little clues along the way. Read More ›
k9 unit road
police dog and a policeman with vintage effect on the street

Good Intentions Gone Wrong

If you have been following Washington State law recently, you are well aware of the police reform package that went into effect over a week ago and the recent legalization of drug possession. Giving the benefit of the doubt, these changes could be very well-intentioned on the part of legislatures and judges. Read More ›

Are We Running Out? No

From 1980 to 2020, every one percent increase in population corresponded to a four percent increase in personal resource abundance and an eight percent increase in global resource abundance. Read More ›
space shuttle
space shuttle

Space Rides in 2041: $4.53

If space tourism can innovate as fast as computer technology, we all get to ride. Every flight yields new knowledge. Learning curves reduce costs 20 to 30 percent for each doubling of output. Read More ›
penny-farthing, high  wheel retro bike  on wood floor
penny-farthing, high wheel retro bike on wood floor

Bicycles on Sale: 95.4% Off

In 1910 it took 66.4 hours to earn the money to buy a bicycle. Today it takes only three. The time price has fallen by 95.4 percent. You get 22 bicycles today for the time price of one in 1910. Read More ›