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Romney’s Bain Experience is a Plus

Scott S. Powell, a senior fellow of Discovery Institute, has an article in today's Investors Business Daily urging Mitt Romney to be more assertive about the value of his Bain experience. Read More ›

Scott Powell on the Looming Financial Crisis

Without serious fiscal reform that checks out-of-control government spending and encourages private-sector growth, Powell foresees another financial crisis--one that would be considerably more disastrous than that of 2008. Read More ›

George Gilder’s Classic Wealth & Poverty Reissued For A New Generation

Earlier this week, CWPM chair George Gilder released an updated edition of his classic Wealth and Poverty. We are pleased to introduce Wealth and Poverty: A New Edition for the Twenty-First Century (Regnery Publishing), which includes an all-new foreword by Steve Forbes. It was the guidebook to the Reagan Recovery; now it's updated to tackle today's problems. Read More ›