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Drug abuse with people sharing the same syringe
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Crack Pipes and Free Needles

Every well-intended public policy taken to an extreme leads to misery and dysfunction. A case in point is the Washington Free Beacon story on $30 million grant for “safe smoking” kits. According to the story, a Department of Health and Human Services spokesman said the kits would include pipes for users to smoke crack cocaine.” Read More ›
Getting knowledge and solving problem. Logical idea concept. Connecting last jigsaw puzzle piece.
Getting knowledge and solving problem. Logical idea concept. Connecting last jigsaw puzzle piece.

Wealth Is Knowledge

The stock-market carnage came fast and furious, wrecking GameStop -like memes and get-rich-quick crypto schemes and cracking SPACs. The ringleader, Robinhood, fueled by stimulus checks, is a good proxy for the excess. Its stock is down almost 80% from its August peak. It is a fine time to ask: What is wealth? Read More ›
Green corn field with corn cobs close up.
Green corn field with corn cobs close up.

Cornpreneurs Save Us From Davos Elites

You may want to try a worm with your next meal, but there is no reason to think we are running out of corn or the land to grow the food for making appetizing steaks, wings, and chops. Read More ›
graffiti on wall
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Overwhelmed by Graffiti, Seattle Citizens Step In To Help

Seattle is so overwhelmed by graffiti that it can take the city's five-member task force several weeks to respond to a report of graffiti on public property. Some Seattle citizens have begun spending their own time and money to help clean up their neighborhoods. Read More ›
Location Turkey. Red pin on the map.
Location Turkey. Red pin on the map.

What’s Wrong With Turkey?

Unfortunately, Turkey has a long history of currency failure, so it would be no surprise if the country were to stack up some new failures today. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. In the past, mostly before 1970, the Turkish lira had long stretches of reliability, and perhaps Turkey will aspire to greatness again. Read More ›
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Housing First Is Right: Affordable Housing Matters

But here's where Housing First gets it wrong: Housing is not the one-size-fits-all solution for the entire homeless population. There are more tools in the toolbox we must make use of to properly address the crisis. Read More ›